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Feminvest Report 2021: Bold and Sustainable – How Women Invest

Feminvest Report 2021: Bold and Sustainable – How Women Invest

Now we stop talking about women who are not investing and talk about how they want to invest instead.

How do women really invest today? or rather How Do they want to invest? On April 19, Feminvest will release its report for the second year in a row on women’s investments. The report was prepared in light of the fact that women as a target group are rarely asked for their ideas about investments and finances.

There is a huge demand for sustainable investments, women are also interested in riskier investments, and women have a great deal of uncertainty in their pension savings – these are some of the findings from the Feminvest 2021 Report: Fearless and Sustainable – this is how women prefer to invest in 2021.

The purpose of the report is to identify women’s choices in investments with the aim of attracting more women interested in investment opportunities. Moreover, Feminvest wants to raise women’s ideas about investments and investment trends among women to show that women want to invest and inspire more people to participate in their finances.

Our 2021 report aims to shed light on the fact that there is more room to talk about it rather than about not investing women. How They want to invest, “says Michaela Berglund, CEO of Feminvest.” The result in this way is interesting, but secondary, and the most important thing is an increased understanding that we are today in the media and sometimes in dialogue between each other talking about women not investing or having self-confidence when it comes to their personal financial affairs, otherwise it risks remaining our reality.

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Feminvest distributed a digital survey to the women in the Feminvest Network with 300 respondents. Feminvest also shared the analysis that partner SEB contributed to this year’s report. The data was produced by SEB analyst Emma Heikkensten, who daily records what investing behavior looks like in the market.

It is inspiring to see that sustainability is a long-term trend that steadily increases over time. We see women saving more sustainably, but sustainability saving increases in both groups. It’s fun to be able to inspire women with Feminvest and by looking at our data to increase their savings and by doing so also participate in a sustainable community transformation as well as controlling a portion of their ownership, ” Emma Heikensen, SEB Strategic Analyst, (PhD in Behavioral Economics is a strategic analyst at SEB Research who leads Ownershift.

The results show that sustainability plays a much higher role when it comes to what you choose to invest in. Data provided by SEB suggests that it is more important for women than it is for men, given the greater share of capital that goes into sustainability money. In the two reports that were released, it was found that many women have a great deal of uncertainty about their retirement savings, either in terms of awareness of their individual savings or in wanting to understand their pension (see 2020 report). Funds and stocks are the dominant investments.

Michaela concludes that understanding how a woman thinks when she is investing is important. A more transparent dialogue is needed to move forward. It should become more accessible for women to obtain information about their finances, and to be able to plan for it.

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Download the report from here:

On Monday 19/4 and Tuesday 20/4, there is an opportunity to participate in the Feminvest digital event where the report is discussed. In addition to twenty selected businesswomen presenting their business ideas.

The link of the event 19/4 at 17.30 – 19.30:

Event link 20/4 in 17.30 – 19.30:

For more information, please contact:

Michaela Berglund | CEO of Feminvest

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +46

About Feminvest

Feminist It is Sweden’s largest network of women entrepreneurs and investors, with nearly 30,000 members. The company’s ambition is to actively work towards more equal ownership and thus a more equal society. Feminvest educates and inspires investments and entrepreneurship digitally via the website, podcast, social media, and via network meetings. Feminvest organizes, among other things, stock clubs open to all women who want to develop as investors throughout Sweden. Feminvest also has an angel investor network where female investors are offered opportunities to invest in women entrepreneurs or equal companies, where a presentation is arranged regularly on Wednesdays where women entrepreneurs can pitch.

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