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Snabba Cash-stjärnan Evin Ahmad: “Hade varit fett att bygga en unicorn”

Fast Cash star Evin Ahmad: “It was great to build a unicorn”

Evin Ahmad is everyone’s lip name now – at least among those who follow the Swedish song series Snabba Cash. In the series, author Jens Lapidus continues to spin on books of the same name and here the startup world meets the underworld. In Fast Cash, Evin Ahmad plays single mother Leya who runs startup Targetcoah and contacts billionaire and investor Thomas Storm.

The series attracted a lot of attention in Sweden and internationally.

“I get direct messages with questions about whether I hire people for Targetcoah, or people who want me to invest in their company. It’s so funny,” Evin Ahmed said when I participated in Breakit24Live.

Many have also heard about it on the professional network Linkedin – but it doesn’t seem like the most effective way to attract Evin Ahmad.

“To me Linkedin is the craziest thing ever. I don’t even know who uses Linkedin, but it seems like there are a lot of people in your field.”

Prior to recording, Evin Ahmed drew inspiration from venture capital firm Inventures Tatiana Shalalvand and business owner Gunilla von Platen, who is set as a guide in the startup world.

Evin Ahmed also prepared for the series by taking a course at Stanford University on How to Create a Startup – one of the introductory topics was about burnout management.

“Sad if only white men.”

Evin Ahmed admits that she had a very little grip on the startup world before. When someone talked about “raising money” and raising capital, I assumed it was someone who traveled a lot.

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Now her interest in startups has increased significantly – and she sees what needs to change.

“It was sad to learn that a lot of investment capital often goes to white men. For women to have more space, we need property and capital, because that’s power. It doesn’t matter how many discussion sessions we sit in, we have to have ownership.”

Evin Ahmed also opens the door to entrepreneurship and also says it will be “the asphalt of having a bad startup and building a unicorn,” that is, a billion-dollar company.

The shoe is aimed at investors

During filming, she also posed a portrait of the business people.

“What I noticed with entrepreneurs is that it’s about the story you tell, and you want to create a story about yourself. Som the American Dream Men is a Swedish startup dream. Nobody wants to hear about someone who was born with a lot of money and got money from his father and then built a company. “.

At the same time, she maintains that she has received a very good impression from everyone she’s met in the startup sector so far – but sends a clear message to investors that they should be daring to invest in new people and not just those close to themselves.

“In new talent, especially women and people from the suburbs. There is a lot of talent in the suburbs, but it is difficult with networks and capital. Not everyone has 100,000 SEK to spend on business cards or startup capital. Hope you can see the potential in companies.” Decent youngsters who improve the world but not make it worse, ”says Evin Ahmed.

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Watch the full interview with Evin Ahmad of Breakit24Live in Players Below.