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Capcom opens up internal battles around the work of Resident Evil Villages

Capcom opens up internal battles around the work of Resident Evil Villages

He has more movement than the seven, but it could have been more than that.

Capcom is unexpectedly outspoken about developing Resident Evil Village. Once again, it can be added. Regarding the release, investigations are said to have shown this Resident Evil 7 Where ‘Very disgusting’Accordingly, the balance has changed. In a new video, it’s aptly named Internal strugglesIt tells us what happened when the developers and the QA group thought differently.

What happens when developers and quality assurance don’t see face to face?

Like a lot, the development has been paused village Because of the pandemic, and when it resumed, it was clear that the developers had given the game werewolf encounters much more aggressive than the score we got. The developers were worried. Once the game is released to the Quality Assurance (QA) team, its manager, Shotaro Kobayashi, recalls how it reacted. ‘Strongly negative’ And for “The game content was very different from what the development team thought they did.”. Word “panic” Highlighted.

There was even a talk that you cannot save the game. Enemies were many, ammonia was very scattered, and so was the game ‘Monotonous and boring’. Making major changes, especially with the deadline approaching, was difficult but officials were unable to close their eyes. Something need to be done.

After all, the quality assurance team felt the developers were listening, although there was also resistance and many believed that “The game worked”. The two sides brightened together and began making plans for good solutions. It will be the core ‘A struggle for survival’ This was taken into account.

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When I gave the player space to breathe (and feel paranoid), it felt like evolution was on the right track again. The tried and tested game is believed to have become one True Resident Evil.

The result is consistent with the original vision, even if it took a crisis to get there.