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Extra leisure speaks for Sweden: "The big difference"

Extra leisure speaks for Sweden: “The big difference”

After the quarter-final victory over Great Britain, 4-3 extra time, Australia’s Swedish national team captain Tony Gustavsson began to pay tribute to the team’s doctors and fitness team.

Their careful work has laid a vital foundation for progress, Gustavson said.

Before this match, our players had significantly more minutes on their feet than Great Britain. However, Gustavson said our players were able to fight this way as you would occasionally see.

But regardless of the preparations, the Olympic journey so far should have worn off for the Australian athletes. They have played four tough games in nine days, and six of the key players have played every minute, including 30 overtime against Great Britain.

“You do not want to”

At some point, it may fall victim.

Sweden hopes to host the Olympic semifinals in Yokohama on Monday.

– We know how tired you are with tight matches like this. Even though we played late (in the quarterfinal against Japan), we felt it was incredibly humid and it takes more energy than you think, says right-back Hannah Glass.

– This can be a huge benefit for us.

Unlike Australian starters such as Sam Kerr, Steph Cadley, Ellie Carpenter and Emily van Eckmond, Hannah Klaus and many Swedish key players have been given extra time to recover.

After already reaching the quarterfinals after two rounds, Gerhardson was able to rest for a full eight against New Zealand. In the quarterfinals against Japan, Sweden were able to brush their feet in regular time without unnecessary extra minutes.

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– It was great, we had a goal to end the match before extra time. Then you have to be very happy doing what is best for you through eating, sleeping and recovery, says Klaus.

Cadley: “Feeling good”

While Sweden already had a spot in the quarterfinals, she and Steena Blackstenius were in full control of the match against New Zealand, both of whom did not need to play 90 minutes in the 4-2 win over Australia in the group stage.

Important before the fight for medals, Blaxtenius believes.

– We had the opportunity to play the way we did so very awesome and good. We have such a wide and good team that helped us finish the championship with various starting elves. As Blackstenius says, I hope it will be to our advantage to strengthen these last two matches.

Australia’s Step Cadley doesn’t want to lie. She sits in the Swedish position, without much rest and a large extension of her body.

– Of course it is best for them that they do not have to play the extension. But we were carefully prepared and knew that the extension was a possible scenario. So we worked and made the necessary arrangements. Everyone is healthy and uninjured, so we feel good no matter how many minutes we play so far, ”says Cadley.

Facts: They have played more in the semifinals

Sweden, 21 out of 22 players are given playing time:

Amanda Illustrated: 315

By Philippa Angel: 288

Carolyn Shaker; 288

Kosovare Aslani: 274

Hedwick Lindall (etc.): 270

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Natalie Bjorn: 270

Sophia Jakopson: 243

Hannah Glass: 225

Magdalena Erickson: 225

Fridolina Rolf: 224

Jonah Anderson: 223

Stina Blacksteinius: 169

Hannah Pennison: 144

Lena Fast: 127

Olivia Shock: 117

Madeleine Janoki: 110

Julia Rhoder: 92

Emma Gulberg: 90

Rebecca Blomquist: 90

Jennifer Polk (MV): 90

Anna Unvecord: 85

Australia, 17 out of 22 players have been given playing time:

Stephanie Gatley: 390 min

Ellie Carpenter: 390

Emily von Ekmond: 390

Sam Kerr: 390

Tamega Yellow (MV): 349

Kia Simon: 335

Deacon Micah: 300

Claire Polkinghorn: 282

Haley Raso: 250

Alanna Kennedy: 243

Ivy Luig: 234

Caitlin Ford: 169

Mary Fowler: 155

Kyra Cooney-Cross: 97

Chloe Locarso: 94

Lydia Williams (MV): 90

Emily Gailnick: 51