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Experts on Trump, then he is an idiot

Experts on Trump, then he is an idiot

Donald Trump.

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Nikki Haley.

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden are running against each other in the fall presidential election. There is strong speculation about who Trump's vice presidential nominee will be.

Sources told the news site last month Axios That Trump was considering Nikki Haley, the former UN ambassador and governor of South Carolina, to be his running mate. Haley was the last of Trump's rivals to surrender in the battle to become the Republican nominee in the elections scheduled for this fall.

“Nikki Haley is not a running mate, but I wish her well.”Trump wrote on Truth Social about the rumors.

Thomas Wallin, an expert on American politics who teaches at Boston University, believes that this is a mistake on Trump's part.

– Wallen says Trump is really a fool if he doesn't pick Nikki Haley.

“Maybe it will cost him another term.”

He believes Haley's election will mean Trump is able to attract more female voters. But at the same time, Wallen does not believe that Trump will choose her because the matter is “personal” for the former president after her previous criticism of him.

– Wallen says Trump's refusal to select Haley will likely cost him another term in the White House.

Trump responded to Whalen's words via a spokesperson who wrote in an email:

“I've never heard of this man before. He can't be very important.”

“This person is not Nikki Haley.”

Thomas Gift and Mark Shanahan, two other experts on US politics, say Trump is unlikely to choose Haley.

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– It seems that Trump's main criterion for the position of vice president is to find someone who is unfailingly loyal to him, and this person is not Nikki Haley, who accused him of being “toxic” and lacking “moral clarity,” as Thomas Gift says.

Shanahan says Trump's vice presidential pick “will be all about Trump,” which, in his view, makes it unlikely that he will choose Nikki Haley.

All of Trump's top candidates are said to be men

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem said this weekend that she believes Trump should choose a woman as his vice presidential nominee.

Noem says having a woman with him helping with his campaign makes a difference.

However, a source told last week nbc All four of Trump's top candidates are men. North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum will be present, as well as Senators Marco Rubio, Tim Scott and J.D. Vance.