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Expert: "No security"

Expert: “No security”

Sweden already got off to a dream start to the quarter-finals when Magdalena Eriksen scored 1-0 in the seventh minute. Then, after Japan’s draw, they can win 3-1 and thus win the home nation.

Next? Australia in the semifinals. Chelsea star Samantha Kerr defeated Australia Blue and Yellow 4-2 in the group stage after a swinging event that turned her into a two-goal scorer.

According to SVT expert Marcus Johanneson, this will be a key feature for Sweden – to monitor 27-year-olds who have little control over the group level crowd.

Otherwise, Johanneson’s opposition would not be significantly intimidating. However, he says the blue and yellow team have signs of unrest.

– I’m a little worried that the back line didn’t really work. The security that existed before this is not really there. There are some level issues, we saw it on the target in Japan today. Development is possible, and there is a small challenge for Gerhardson (national team captain Peter) to find a solution before the rest of the tournament, Johanneson tells SVD Sport.

“It should work”

Australia, who had earlier beaten Great Britain after extra time today, won only one match at regular time in the championship. According to Marcus Johanneson, they were clearly behind in the semifinals.

– They come to that match with everything to win, but Sweden is my favorite. Finding your way to that press game is one thing, the way they held the team together in previous team level matches, unlike today. Sweden should implement it, and then they are much better.

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The semifinals will take place on Monday at 13pm Swedish time.