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Expert: Apple tror på framtid där ”prylar kan ladda varandra”

Expert: Apple believes in a future where ‘devices can charge each other’

Apple believes in the future where the iPad can charge the iPhone which in turn can charge the Airpods. Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman writes in his newsletter.

Early in 2017, Apple announced that it would launch a so-called Airpower mat that can charge iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods at the same time. In the end, the project was canceled due to overheating issues.

But despite the failure with Airpower a few years ago, Apple continues to work on building a gadget that can charge several gadgets at the same time, Bloombergs wrote. Mark Gorman in that Newsletter “Power On”.

Apple also continues to work with wireless charging solutions over short and long distances, Gurman writes. It should be more “true” wireless charging compared to the inductive charging that exists today. It also speculates on a more advanced Apple move in the future where the devices can charge each other.

“I think Apple is still working on the kind of multi-device charger that they eventually intend to release. There is reason to plan to release the device primarily in 2017. I also think that Apple is working with wireless chargers for short and long distances and they envision a future where all Apple devices can The big ones charge each other. Imagine the iPad charging the iPhone and then the iPhone charging the AirPods or Apple Watch,” Gurman wrote in his newsletter.

9to5mac writes that it has been rumored for several years that the iPhone may have “reverse” wireless charging where you can put Airpods or an Apple Watch on the phone to charge it, but the functionality hasn’t been introduced yet.

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“Imagine your iPad charging an iPhone, which can then be used to charge the batteries in your Apple Watch or Airpods,” Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman wrote.

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