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The crisis continues in the UK: "a clear shortage of food"

The crisis continues in the UK: “a clear shortage of food”

In the past week, queues for petrol pumps have fallen off across much of the UK. But in London and the south of England, there are still long queues to buy petrol. The crunch can also be seen in grocery stores, where it reverberates blankly among the shelves.

Food is not out of stock in stores, but there is always something missing. Small notes read “We’re sorry, this item is not available at this time.” Food and gasoline simply don’t arrive, says foreign reporter Anna-Maja Persson at SVT Morgonstuden.

lack of drivers

The government has blamed the crisis on storage, a vicious cycle when people hear that fossil fuels are hard to come by and therefore think too much.

The bottleneck is the distribution from petroleum depots to gas stations. There is a shortage of drivers because many foreigners have returned home after leaving the European Union. And the government announced last week that soldiers could be deployed to stem the acute crisis.

“He’s getting better”

And Reuters news agency testified in its testimony, on Monday, that uniformed soldiers arrived, among other places, at the Bunsfield oil station in Hemel Hempstead, along the M1 artery north of London.

– To be on the really safe side, we have deployed these additional drivers, Finance Minister Rishi Sunak tells LBC radio.

However, he claims that the situation is getting brighter day by day.

– The situation is improving, and when demand stabilizes to more normal levels, there is a strong expectation that this will resolve on its own.

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On the other hand, UKPRA states that more than one in five petrol stations in southeast England, including London, have none in mind.