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Spännande, nya funktioner när Apple vässar programvaran

Exciting new features as Apple hones the software

Monday, June 6, may be the day Apple releases something completely new. Writes Forbes Which may also reveal some new and exciting features of Apple’s next major software update, Iphone iOS 16.

Something Else, or “Something Else” is a phrase associated with major discoveries and technological innovations from the tech giant Apple. Most recently when the company introduced the Apple Watch along with the iPhone 6 in September 2014.

As the WWDC approaches Apple, many believe that in addition to releasing the software iOS 16, Apple will also launch an entirely new product, which will be its first in nearly eight years according to Forbes.

Enhanced messaging feature

When it comes to iOS 16, a lot is understood in the latest version about the software itself, which includes changes to the health apps, as well as the messaging function that will be further improved and adapted to social media.

Already today, for example, there is the possibility to add confetti or balloons in a text message. A unique feature for Apple users that should be refined now.

clear screen

The biggest news you’ll notice is the so-called “always on screen”. A feature that means you can always see the most important things on your mobile phone, such as the time, date or waiting for notifications, without touching the phone or wasting battery.

Another new feature on the screen interface is the new images with widget-like functions that will make the screen more useful and visible in locked mode.

The always-on display already in use today by Huawei, among others, has been part of Apple’s planning for a long time and is likely to be introduced with the Apple iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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So it’s not always important for Apple to be on top, it has to deliver right, when it comes to features and technology. Whether they think of something completely new in the product line for next week’s event remains to be seen.

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