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Eva Frantz Hallonbacken's youth novel has become a movie - many investments in young viewers are now underway

Eva Frantz Hallonbacken’s youth novel has become a movie – many investments in young viewers are now underway

Two Finnish-Swedish initiatives for children and youth receive the largest contributions in the joint investment of the Art Society and Kulturfonden in film and media production.

TV series the DragonCreated and written Tom Saxman Grants of €150,000 are awarded by the Art Society and the Culture Fund. The series, aimed at young people between the ages of 15-19, is directed by Titus Potanin. In eight sections, we follow nineteen-year-old Rollo and his three friends who go on a life-changing road trip from southern Finland to northern Norway. The series is produced by Citizen Jane Productions.

Drama series unscrew the berries Based on Eva Frantz A middle-aged children’s thriller set in a sanatorium setting. The book is Eva Frantz’s debut as a children’s author and was awarded the Runeberg Junior Prize 2019. The drama was produced by Söder Films and was awarded a grant of €120,000.

The seventh season of Astrid Pokloop Receives a grant of 50,000 euros and a science series young inventors He receives a grant of 35,000 euros.

A children’s drama about cooking and mathematics for beginners, to be shown at the BUU Club, awards a grant of 30 thousand euros.

Joanna Holmstroms Romanian Asphalt angels Feature film in three languages. The novel, about young girls and the brutal collision between the Muslim home and the secular world outside the home, is set over three years in the early 2000s. The production company Impressio Films awarded 20,000 euros to develop the film.

Konstsamfundet and the Swedish Cultural Foundation received 107 applications for financial support for film and media production. A total of €725,000 was awarded to 48 applicants.

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