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European Football Championship 2022. Luxury player hotel for the national team • “Like a beach club”.

European Football Championship 2022. Luxury player hotel for the national team • “Like a beach club”.

Sweden are the favorites to win the European Championship in England.

But if things don’t go as planned, it will be hard to blame the player’s hotel.

Kosovars Asllani, Stina Blackstenius and Swedish Goldens live in one of England’s most exclusive spa hotels.

In Carden Park, there is not only a football field that is ranked first by UEFA for important training courses, but also a winery where the hotel makes its own sparkling wine.

Set in the British countryside, an hour’s drive from Liverpool, the hotel also has two golf courses for those who need to unwind from their spare time.

In addition, there is one of the most luxurious spa facilities in Europe with three different saunas, two swimming pools, and several therapeutic baths.

“We’ve invested tens of millions during the coronavirus pandemic, so the resort, training rooms, and pool are all new and up-to-date,” says Dan Rainey, the hotel’s director of marketing.

– We also have a brand new sculpture garden. We have an obstacle course that can be used to build team spirit. Many companies use it for this, but I don’t know if the Swedish national team will need it right away.

The management of the national team requested privacy. Riders roam freely through the properties.

– It’s such a big hotel that we’ll be able to ensure they’re at peace, says Dan Rainey. They can eat in their own restaurant hall and will never be disturbed by fans or others. This was one of the reasons they chose us, as they could stroll the vineyard or go to the spa without feeling watched and watched.

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“We have quite a few celebrities here, football players, actors and TV stars, so we’re used to guests like this,” he says.

picture: Cardin Park Hotel / Cardin Park Hotel

“Like a beach club in Ibiza”

Several Premier League clubs and rugby teams use the hotel. Recently, they also paid a visit from the Chinese national football team. The hotel was also used during the filming of the British reality show I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, known for making headlines in British newspapers.

After the television competition, the participants had to relax in the luxurious hotel.

There aren’t many hotels like this in the UK, says Rainey. Many people may have a soccer field, but then not many golf courses and spas.

However, there is a danger of being drawn into the holiday feeling of the hotel for those undisciplined

– The atmosphere in our spa garden is like a beach club in Ibiza. It’s a holiday feeling for everything. There we collaborate with Bollinger, and also offer our own sparkling white wine, says Dan Rennie.

The spa garden at Cardin Park Hotel is “like a beach club in Ibiza,” according to marketing director Dan Rainey.

picture: Garden Park Hotel

The hotel’s outdoor spa facility.


A nearby Tire football field where the national team will be able to train.

picture: Garden Park Hotel

Sculpture garden in the hotel.

picture: Garden Park Hotel

British Queen’s Chef

Renowned chef Sir Graham Tinsley is in charge of cooking at the hotel.

“He’s cooked for the Queen, or really the whole royal family, and he cooks at 10 Downing Street, so he’s a very respectable and good chef,” says Rainey.

Sir Tinsley worked at the British court, and if the national team saw a silk pillowcase placed on a chair, it was possible that he would visit Prince Charles. Sir Tinsley told us that the Prince always wanted his pillow in place during meals Welcome. He also wants a salad with his food with an egg that has not boiled for more than three minutes. Then mash the boiled egg as a salad dressing.

Harry Pinter-Roberts, 24, is a chef at the hotel’s restaurant The Vines. He just came back from the Global Young Chefs Challenge Final in Abu Dhabi. When the national team is at the hotel in July, Harry refines his cooking for another important competition. He will represent Wales at the Fleroy & Boch Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg. Sir Graham Tinsley helps him in the kitchen.

“He always encourages us to use ingredients that are very good for the season, and to always think about color when preparing our dishes,” he says.

– When I’m free, I go to the woods here and pick wild garlic, we cook our own wine and have our own herb garden. When the players are here, the lobsters will be much sweeter and more delicious. Now I serve good cod. And we have very good tomatoes from the Isle of Wight.

picture: Cardin Park Hotel / Cardin Park Hotel

picture: Cardin Park Hotel / Cardin Park Hotel

“It’s too expensive”

Harry Pinter-Roberts doesn’t think players will have reason to complain about the food. If they do not like the dishes served in the national team dining room, they can choose from eight different kitchens in the hotel

We’ve served everything from fish and chips to fine dining with fine ingredients, says Harry.

National Team Manager Marika Domansky LeForce ran the hotel.

It’s expensive, but it really feels worth it. She adds: “We are delighted to be able to make this investment.

The union has to pay a lot itself in addition to the contribution each country receives from the EU for housing, and we really have to do it.

I signed up for it right away.

Right when I walked in the door, I was dumbfounded, that would be fine.

– It’s English a bit like a castle with great views all around.

Each room has a flat-screen TV and an espresso machine. In July, a double room costs around 2,000 SEK per night.

The rooms are large compared to what they are usually in England. The gym is great and there is a pool and spa.

– There are two golf courses side by side and the staff will be the ones who will take care of our training plan on the property so it would probably be a very nice football field.

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