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Europe is asking for an explanation from the United States

Europe is asking for an explanation from the United States

This is unacceptable among allies, and even less so among European allies and partners, Macron says.

Merkel announces her approval of the Paris statement.

Among the top European politicians reportedly intercepted by the CIA are Angela Merkel, former German foreign minister (and current president) Frank-Walter Steinmeier and former Chancellor Per Steinbrueck candidate.


The latter says that “it is strange that the allied security services are in fact eavesdropping and spying on high-ranking representatives” in other countries.

Politically, I see it as a scandal, he told the public service channel ARD.

The government in Berlin stated that it first became aware of the espionage allegations through the media and is now seeking clarification, while at the same time refusing to comment on the matter further.

As you know, the government does not comment, in principle, on issues related to intelligence activities. Please understand that, says spokesperson Stephen Seibert.

Neighbors clamor for transparency

Swedish Defense Minister Peter Holtqvist described the revelation as “dangerous” if true and stated that the government demanded that Denmark be allowed to share Danish intelligence information.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg (h) believes that the United States has no reason to spy on Norway.

It is unacceptable for states that have close cooperation with allies to feel the need to spy on each other or obtain information about them, she told NRK.

Norway is also asking to know as much information as possible that the Danish Review Committee will have access to.

He refuses interviews

Espionage revelations were revealed this weekend by Danmarks Radio in association with SVT, NRK, Süddeutsche Zeitung, NDR, WDR and Le Monde. The disclosure is based on information from a Danish intelligence investigation that analyzed US surveillance from Denmark during 2012 and 2014.

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Danish Defense Minister Tren Bramsen (S) refused to appear for face-to-face interviews about the information, but gave a public written comment. “Systematic eavesdropping on close allies is unacceptable. I think different governments agree and will be so,” she wrote.