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Error in AMD graphics drivers that are faster than Ryzen processors

Error in AMD graphics drivers that are faster than Ryzen processors

A few weeks ago, AMD presented Radeon Ultra HD Resolution (RSR) and update both Radeon suite and graphics drivers with the extension. In connection with this, reports began to come from users who mysteriously overclocked their Ryzen processors, without the users themselves changing any settings.

The problem only occurs for users with AMD graphics cards and processors, and the common denominator was traced relatively quickly to be AMD suite of new drivers and software. Now the problem has also been confirmed by AMD, which has announced that the information is correct and that there is a software problem behind the unauthorized overclocking.

For some time now, Radeon Software has been incorporating overclocking tools for both graphics cards and processors, for those who don’t want to mess directly with the BIOS. This aims to make the process smoother for those with AMD hardware on both fronts by being able to do everything in one interface. The program then changes the settings in the user’s BIOS.

Since the last update, this seems to happen even when something just about the graphics card changes, without notifying users of changes to the processor. Although, for example, activating features such as Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO), which automatically adjust voltage and clock frequency, is unlikely to damage the processor, it may be unsuitable for other reasons. If applied without the user’s knowledge, it could, for example, result in temperatures higher than the dimensions specified for the current coolant. It can also lead to blue screens or other generally harmless but annoying problems.

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In theory, overclocking in general also violates AMD’s warranty terms. In practice, it is difficult to prove that the therapist for a short time, for example, activated the PBO. Thus, leaving users suddenly without a warranty is not very likely, especially since AMD has confirmed that the company’s software is behind the illegal overclocking.

AMD draws attention to the error in List of known bugs In the latest AMD Software release: Adrenaline Edition 22.4.1. It has not been fixed by AMD yet, however, users can take the help of Radeon Software Slimmer to temporarily delete the “Ryzen Master” extension, which is necessary for the overclocking functions to work.

Have you had problems with your processor mysteriously overclocking in recent weeks?