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Eric de la Regura: More than words to protect refugees

Eric de la Regura: More than words to protect refugees

The pictures of the airport in Kabul speak their clear language.

People wanting to leave Afghanistan.

But in most cases were not allowed to travel.

A few hundred people were able to board a U.S. transport plane bound for Qatar on Sunday night. But it was an exception.

Afghanistan Passport recently issued visa-free entry to four countries around the world Passport table. At the same time, a Swedish person can travel to 103 countries without a visa.

Even under normal circumstances, it is difficult for an Afghan to go to Europe legally.

Hundreds of Afghans line up to leave the country outside Kabul International Airport

Photo: A.P.

Now it is the embassy of Western countries Closed in Kabul. The only place left for Western diplomats is at the airport. If you were hired by a Western power, you might have a chance there.

Otherwise, all that is left is to travel with the smuggler without permission. Then it is often counted as the country road.

But Afghan refugees are already heavily targeted on the Iranian border. A wall is being built on Iran’s border with Turkey. In Europe, this is what many politicians usually do in situations like this: agreements are made with “buffer states” that do not hesitate to violate human rights. There is talk of doing everything possible to prevent a recurrence of the refugee crisis in 2015.

Some people are disciplined about them Flees the Taliban. It is argued that they should stop and fight for freedom and democracy. But at the same time, after 20 years of deep involvement in Afghanistan, the West is expelling all its diplomatic staff.

Why do Afghan civilians behave differently?

This is how wars and conflicts work. They make the refugee flow. The question is what we as a global community can do to deal with the situation.

In Europe, they want most refugees fleeing Afghanistan to stay in the immediate area. This leads to the following questions: In what situation? How long? Who pays?

In Europe, people want to Most of the refugees fleeing Afghanistan are staying in the immediate area. This leads to the following questions: In what situation? How long? Who pays?

Some Western countries, such as the United Kingdom and Canada, claim to be willing to accept women and children. UN Refugee Agency has a refugee organization assigned to UNHCR, which can then be used. The International Organization for Migration, IOM, can contribute.

It could create more legal avenues and make it easier for vulnerable women to apply for asylum in Kabul.

But more than that words are needed. Then action is needed.

More Afghans For example, they have a problem with not having a passport – now the authorities are controlled by the Taliban. That needs to be addressed.

When French President Emmanuel Macron and other Western leaders talk about granting asylum to women, artists, poets and researchers – what do they say on a conclusive basis?

How does that happen?

These are the questions that need to be answered if they are to be called the “exit strategy” worth the name.

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