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Britain will receive 20,000 Afghan Kota refugees

Britain will receive 20,000 Afghan Kota refugees

About 5,000 local staff of British officials, including their families, are currently being evacuated from Kabul, where the British ambassador stayed at the airport to assist on visas.

– In addition, we welcome 20,000 refugees, with a focus on women and children. Boris Johnson said in a discussion below that 5,000 of them will be coming this year.

British Prime Minister He further added that the British deportation to Afghanistan would not take place at present. This is because the UNHCR advised not to send people to Afghanistan due to the security situation in the country.

– But we will not allow anyone to come here without permission. We must protect the security and interests of our country. There, Boris Johnson said that I totally agree with Emmanuel Macron.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Photo: WIktor Szymanowicz / NurPhoto / Shutterstock

In 2015, the French president stressed that he did not want to see the refugee crisis again. According to Boris Johnson, the British must initiate a new humanitarian effort to provide support in the immediate area.

It happens in a way According to the UNHCR, 1.44 million people in the world are already in need of resettlement – and many years later the Western world has shown interest in Kota refugees.

Last year, only 22,770 refugees were resettled by UNHCR – the lowest number in 20 years. Of those, 3,599 were received by Sweden.

The new British initiative will serve as a resettlement program for Syrian refugees, with 20,000 Syrians being granted asylum in Britain with UNHCR assistance.

During the debate in the British However, the lower house criticized the opposition for the government’s slowdown.

– The crisis is happening now – How long will the 15,000 people who do not have a place this year have to wait? If this does not happen quickly, we know what the consequences will be. People will go to the kidnappers and instead we will get irregular flows of immigrants, ”Labor leader Keer Stormer said.

Labor leader Keer Stormer criticized the government's handling of the crisis in Afghanistan during a debate on Wednesday.

Labor leader Keer Stormer criticized the government’s handling of the crisis in Afghanistan during a debate on Wednesday.

Photo: House of Commons / AB

He also slammed what he described as the Prime Minister’s “catastrophic handling of the crisis”.

In July, the Prime Minister stood here and said that there was no way for the Taliban to win. They cannot win militarily. He made a mistake and acted carelessly, Stormer said.

During the discussion, Boris Johnson And harsh criticism from many party comrades in the Tories. Former Prime Minister Theresa May wondered why the United States did not contact other NATO countries to see if it could compensate for the withdrawn troops:

What does it say about NATO, there is nothing we can do when the US leaves? Russia will take note of this. And China. This is a major setback for British foreign and security policy. The Prime Minister is pleased to talk about a “global Britain”. But where is the global UK in Afghanistan?

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