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Erdogan: Sweden should control its streets

Erdogan: Sweden should control its streets

Erdogan directly links the security situation “on the street” in Sweden to Turkey’s acceptance of NATO membership.

– If the attacks on our shelters continue – we are sorry, Erdogan said according to the state-run Anadolu Agency.

– We do not know how long this issue will be discussed in Parliament.

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson (left) and the Turkish president shook hands during the NATO summit in Vilnius in July. Christerson then said that Turkey would ratify the Swedish request “as soon as possible”.

The last note

Erdogan promised a final Turkish decision when the country’s parliament reopens, which will happen in October.

– I’m not particularly worried about this. They are currently closed for the summer. I am convinced that the handshake of the Vilnius meeting applies as well as our friends in the United States and NATO,” Kristerson said at the SVT agenda on Sunday.

– I firmly believe that this will work, but as we have always said: Turkey is the one who holds the reins in the Turkish parliamentary decisions.

‘worst fears’

Paul Levin, director of the Institute of Turkish Studies at Stockholm University, believes the Swedish government has cause for concern.

I think the government’s worst fears are coming true. That is, the agreement that was thought to have been concluded in Vilnius doesn’t really mean much, but it is now uncertain when and perhaps even if the Turkish parliament will agree to ratification, he told TT.

Erdoğan’s handshake in Vilnius may have been something different from what Jens Stoltenberg and the Swedish government had hoped for.

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Levin thinks Erdogan’s comment should worry Kristerson.

Erdoğan says that he cannot influence his coalition partners and other members of parliament.

It is believed that Erdogan’s actions will also upset the United States.

– I think even there they hoped and believed that they had an agreement. That Erdoğan now bobbing again is a major concern for Washington and I think they will very much confront Turkey and Erdoğan in this matter.