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Enjoying Journalism: "Matches You Like"

Enjoying Journalism: “Matches You Like”

After losing to the Czech Republic on Thursday, where Tre Kronor lost a 2-0 lead versus a 2-4 loss last period, the knife was in the throat for the Swedish side.

Then there were three matches remaining and had to be won in order for the qualifying opportunity to remain.

The first hurdle, Great Britain (4-1), was overcome on Friday.

Tonight, Slovakia (19.15 Swedish time) awaits.

Since the end against Russia tomorrow night.

If Sweden gets the pot, then the team will also have to wait during the last day of group matches on Tuesday – when the team is ready to play – to see if it will be a playoff or a botched train.

Of course you know the press, we know we have to win. But I think the press comes more from the inside than the outside, at least on my part. Everyone wants to play well, so we just have to keep calm for as long as possible and once we release the disc we will probably have a lot of energy, he says of tonight’s mission.

Successful string change

Marcus Sorensen suffered from the ice in the last game in a new environment. The San Jose striker was so far without goals in the World Cup, but joined a new series with brothers Kimbe, Adrian and Mario. He finished with Sörensen scoring three points, one goal and two assists.

The trio are assembled in a match warm-up of the day, just before lunch at the Olympic Sports Center in Riga, and are looking forward to the chance tonight once more.

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– It was a very good feeling, we made a lot and had to score two goals. Defense has challenged us all the time and everyone can beat their old men. “It was a good first game, so it’s something to build on,” says Sörensen, who scored in numerical superiority and played Mario Kembe with two goals.

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It’s always good to score goals, but the most important thing is that we won. But everything gets a little easier when you get a position again and have a little better self-confidence, he says.

‘Positive feeling’

Federation captain Johan Garpenlov said he had a good atmosphere in the team during the warm-up period.

– It is a positive feeling in the group, everyone understands what the match means and we believe that we are on the right track as a group and play better and better as a team. The beginning will be important, and we will start. Then we have a good chance of winning, he says.

Slovakia mixed up and disrupted in the World Cup, beating the Russian team 3-1, but also losing to Switzerland 1-8. Leksand duo Peter Cehlarik and Marek Hrivik – both of whom moved to KHL before next season – attacked. Schallarik leads the World Cup points league with eight points, three goals and five assists.

They are a team that won four games, so they have good self-confidence, they have a leading streak that produces and plays hockey well. Garpenlov says we should have a guard on him and be careful when on the ice.

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Facts: Playoffs

The top four teams go to the quarter-finals of Group A and six teams in the fight. With an equal number of points, the joint meeting decides. Location:

1) Switzerland 12 points.

Left-to-face: 1/6 UK.

Joint meeting with Sweden: Loss, 0-7.

2) Russia (Republic of China) 12.

Remaining for the meeting: 5/31 Sweden, 1/6 Belarus.

3) Slovakia 12.

Remaining for the meeting: 5/30 Sweden, 1/6 Czech Republic.

4) Czech Republic 8.

Remaining for the meeting: 5/31 Denmark, 1/6 Slovakia.

Joint meeting with Sweden: 4-2 victory.

5) Denmark 8.

Remaining for the meeting: 5/31 Czech Republic.

Joint meeting with Sweden: 4-3 victory.

Sweden 6.

The rest on the obverse: 5/30 Slovakia, 31/5 Russia.

17 Great Britain and 8 Belarusians, both with 4 points, could not reach the playoffs.