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England shuts down society

Britain is imposing new restrictions and shutting down society further.

People in England are not allowed to leave their homes unless there are special reasons.

This was stated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a press conference.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson He mentions at a press conference that there will be a new “closure”.

It is England that will shut down completely.

The collapse of health care risks

Johnson said the number of patients in British hospitals is now 30 per cent more than a week ago, and if infections do not decrease, health care will collapse within three weeks.

– We now have a new variant and it is spreading at a critical speed, he says and continues:

Hospitals are under more pressure than ever. We expect more people to die and feel compelled to do more to try and control the infection.

The lockdown means that people in England are not allowed to leave their homes unless there are special reasons. This will apply until mid-February at the earliest, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Schools are completely closed

You can only leave the house, for example, to buy food and do other absolutely necessary things. All schools were also closed.

New information is expected in mid-February.

According to figures from Johns Hopkins University, 2.29 million people in England have been infected with the coronavirus.

Today, tests have proven 46,853 positive.

65,472 people died in England, according to Johns Hopkins (numbers from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales not included).

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