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England is closed again

England is closed again

During a televised address Monday evening, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced another national lockdown for England. This is the third time that the state has shut down society.

According to Johnson, there are now just over 27,000 patients with covid-19 in English hospitals. This is a 30 percent increase in one week and is the highest number since the start of the pandemic.

We are facing the most difficult weeks yet, Boris Johnson said in his speech.

It closes schools

According to Johnson, the measures taken so far would have been sufficient had it not been for the new, more contagious type of Coronavirus. There have been questions about whether it is really more contagious, but in his speech, Johnson stated that the researchers confirmed that the variant is 50-70 percent contagious.

– The Prime Minister said it is clear that we must do more, together, to control this new alternative, at the same time that the vaccination is taking place.

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The lockdown means the English cannot leave the house unless it is absolutely necessary. This includes necessary purchases, working if you can’t really work from home and seeking care.

The lockdown also means that children must stay home and away from school. However, it is open to children with special needs.

In total, about 2.3 million English people have tested positive for covid-19. About 65,400 people died from the infection.

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