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Emma Kucinemi from a small edit about life during epidemics in Great Britain

Emma Kucinemi from a small edit about life during epidemics in Great Britain

Outdoor restaurants have started offering pubs and restaurants again. Gyms, hair salons and non-essential shops are all set to reopen in the UK this week.

Emma Kucinimi has lived in the UK for three and a half years. He lives with his partner in Berkshire, west of London. Now Britain has opened for the third time during the corona epidemic.

– It’s good, you’ve been in prison for a while and now it feels like you have been released. Says Emma.

She continues:

– People are happier, and there are more people. It cracks everywhere. Then even if they loosen the restrictions, there is more to do. When you go and eat, you have to sit outside and you have to make a reservation, even though you are only going to have a beer. It’s social dissociation and getting rid of things beforehand.

“Booked a table in the bubble”

Emma missed so much during the epidemics that she was able to go home to Sweden and see her family. Otherwise it can go to the gym and eat outside the pub and London. The last Emma was in the fall.

– I was home in October and I think it was weird to get off the field and take off the mask. I felt it was almost illegal.

The UK is divided into several different zones with numbers one to four depending on the spread of the disease. Berkshire has been one such zone, meaning residents could not move to other zones.

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– I did not come out so much, now I was able to go to the gym or the hairdresser is now positive. There are long queues outside for hairdressers. My boyfriend tried to get there three times, but the queues were almost three hours.

What are you going to do now for the first weekend without locking up?

– We’re going to the pub this afternoon, and then my boyfriend will cut his hair. My boyfriend does not cut his hair in four months and usually he cuts his hair once in two weeks. Then go outside and go for a walk.

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