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Elisa Lindstrom after the divorce

Elisa Lindstrom after the divorce

Dance troupe singer Elisa Lindstrom, 30, met her husband, Marcus Fricken, in high school already.

There they both became friends and later band members when they formed Elisa’s which they won in a dance troupe competition in 2010. At the same time, they did their best to be more than just friends.

In 2018, the couple married, and together they had a daughter, Irma, who was born in 2019. But regarding Elisa Lindstrom’s performance at Melodifestivalen this year, she announced that the couple will now divorce.

Marcus Fricken and Elisa Lindstrom. Notice! The photo is from 2016.


Life does not always go as planned. Marcus and I are going our separate ways. It is, of course, a great sadness and an amazing time for us. In the future, we will do our best to be the best Irma team.”, wrote Elisa Lindstrom in an Instagram post at the time.

New job: teacher in Toribuda

In a new Instagram post, Elisa Lindstrom talks about the time after breaking up with Marcus Fricken.

You’ve been pretty quiet here on social media this spring. I had to arrange my own which was amazing. I just landed in my new home and I want to share what I also filled in this semester“, she writes.

Elisa Lindstrom further says that she has found a new job: an acting dance teacher at a school in Toribuda, where she herself was raised.

I am so grateful for the wonderful meetings with all the children and young adults. You gave me strengthYou write more in this post.

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In the post, the students were seen dancing to Laleh’s song “Water”.

Current with Dobidoo

But Elisa Lindstrom doesn’t seem to have any plans to change to a full-time teacher. In the fall, she will return to the spotlight, where she will take part in SVT’s “Doobidoo”, led by Lasse Kronér.

There you will compete in teams with Casper Janebrink of Arvingarna.

“So beautiful playing and composing with Casper on the Doobidoo recording yesterday. Thank you Lasse Kronér and the whole gang for laughing and doing professionally! I can’t wait to go out and sing more now. The program is coming this fall”She wrote on her Instagram after the program’s registrations.

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