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Einride launches in the UK – driving the transition to sustainable transport

Einride launches in the UK – driving the transition to sustainable transport

Ainride, a freight technology company offering digital, electrified and autonomous transport, is now launching in the UK. Annually, more than 1.4 billion tons of goods are transported by road within the country, and road transport accounts for more than 20 percent of domestic carbon dioxide emissions. The launch comes at a time when the UK’s transport sector is investing heavily in sustainable transport, where goods are transported through cost-effective, reliable, resilient, seamless and sustainable methods – which Einride shares.

Einride’s UK transport network, called grid, includes busy motorways such as the M1, M5 and M6 and links the major cities of London, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol. The starting point is the “Golden Logistics Triangle” of the Midlands, where most of the country’s logistics and warehousing facilities are located and which is within a four-hour drive of 90 per cent of the UK population.

– Great Britain has always been at the forefront of transport history. Efficient and innovative shipping was vital to the country’s growth and prosperity, and the British pioneered the construction of both railway systems and canal networks. Robert Falk, founder and CEO of Einride, says we are proud to work with local partners to strengthen the country’s position as a transport pioneer and help the UK achieve its zero emissions targets.

PepsiCo is Brand Walker’s first UK partner

Ainwright’s first business partner in the United Kingdom, PepsiCo, will use electric trucks between Walker’s factories in Leicester and Coventry. The truck fleet is operated by the operating platform The Einwright SagaAnd the partnership is expected to electrify more than 120,000 transportation miles over three years, corresponding to more than 1,600 tons of carbon dioxide savings.

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– At PepsiCo, as part of the PepsiCo Positive agenda, we aim to reduce our environmental impact and achieve zero emissions by 2040. Our partnership with Einride is a small but important step toward that goal, helping to make significant progress in sustainable transportation. “With this initial launch, we look forward to discovering the potential of electric transportation,” said Archana Jagannathan, Head of Sustainability, PepsiCo UK.

Transport networks accelerate electrification

As in other markets, Einride’s ecosystem in the UK will be driven by a transport network, called the grid, and planned, optimized and monitored by the mobility platform Einride Saga. Simplifying network planning and reducing inefficient processes, smart phones, for example, do not delay shipments due to battery charging or driver changes. Unlike other transportation providers, AinRide takes overall responsibility for providing its customers with a one-stop service for all logistics, from smart software to sustainable charging infrastructure and maintenance.

EinRide plans to establish an extensive network of partners as it expands further in the UK and Ireland, adding additional carriers and operators. This enables cost-effective scaling of electricity and autonomous transport and significant emissions savings.

Today’s launch follows Einride’s expansion to Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Norway in 2022. EinRide is already a leader in heavy-duty, electric and autonomous transportation in Sweden and the United States. AB InBev, Lidl and GE Appliances – a higher company. Since switching to electric road transport with Einride, partners have reduced their transport emissions by up to 95% and managed cost-effectively.