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Eden’s first loss to competitors

Eden’s first loss to competitors

Sweden has already qualified for the medal semi-finals later this week after winning all of its first seven matches. Before the encounter, Great Britain was in second place in the table and the result could mean that Sweden will miss out on a win in the regular season and get a more difficult starting position in the semi-finals.

Oscar Eriksson is in good spirits despite Tuesday’s loss.

-The goal of the regular season was to secure a spot in the semifinals, and then play good curling when we get there. We prepared really well for the win, had a lot of wins and finished the tournament well against Switzerland the day after tomorrow, he told TT – adding that Canada and Great Britain provided strong opposition.

“Slightly worse effort”

– They are two teams that are difficult to beat, and it is important to put in a good effort like we did when we beat Canada. They have now put in a slightly worse effort against Great Britain, so they have wronged us.

Eden’s team fell behind early after the Brits stole a two-pointer in the second round. The British dominated the match and did not give the Swedes many scoring opportunities.

Victory over Denmark

– There were very few simple errors in the first rounds, so they had a 3-0 lead there. Then they are very good at defending.

Earlier in the day, Sweden met with Denmark. The teams presented a low-scoring event, with the score standing at 2-2 midway through the match.

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If the Danes, led by Mikkel Kraus, were hoping that Sweden would lose focus thinking about the impending medal battle, they were disappointed. The Swedish team increased its speed in the second half of the match, as it achieved a three-pointer in the sixth game and a second in the eighth game.

When Niklas Edin and the others also stole a point in the ninth, the red and white surrendered and the final numbers were 8-3.