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Ed Sheeran How a South Park episode affected his life

The episode of “South Park” tells about how it affected him

Ed Sheeran 2018 at the Friends Arena.
Ed Sheeran 2018 at the Friends Arena.

In a 2005 episode of “South Park”, the series argues that red-haired children have no soul.

Now Ed Sheeran says how much that episode affected him.

– It has ruined my life, he says.

In an interview with a Dutch radio show “Slam!” The artist opened it Ed Sheeran, 34, stood up and told me about an episode from the cartoon “South Park.”

It was on the 2005 episode of “Ginger Kids” Eric Gardmann “Ginger viruses”, a completely imaginary disease, affects the red head because “red-headed children have no soul,” he explained at school.

Eric Gardmann, character in “South Park”.

Sheeran: “They don’t know what ginger is.”

Ed Sheeran said in an interview that it is common in the UK to be bullied for his hair color at home, but it would go unnoticed by the United States.

– Having red hair in the UK is something people worry about. But no one in the United States cares. People do not know what ginger is. That episode in “South Park” ruined my life, he says with a certain smile on his face.

Nevertheless, Ed Sheeran may consider starring in his own or guest role in “South Park” in the future, even if the jokes are at his expense.

– I really like “South Park” and hope that if I ever join, it will be able to express my character, even if it is considered offensive. I like it, he says.

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