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EC 2021 • Mikael Lustig promised a yellow and blue wall for the Round of 16 in Glasgow

EC 2021 • Mikael Lustig promised a yellow and blue wall for the Round of 16 in Glasgow

After Poland won a draw with Spain yesterday, it is not clear whether Sweden will finish first, second or third in their group. The fate of Blue and Yellow will be decided on Wednesday when Sweden meets Poland in St Petersburg and Spain hosts Slovakia in Seville.

If Sweden beat Poland, Blågult is guaranteed a group win and then awaits the final round of 16 round in Glasgow on Tuesday.

Mikael Lustig, who was succeeded by seven and a half seasons at Celtic, has not turned down a comeback in Glasgow, where he won a host of titles with Celtic during his time at the club. Very funny became very popular among Celtic supporters.

I haven’t been to Glasgow since I moved there. The reunion would have been dear, says Lustig, laughing, and I hope you have a fan club there.

Mikael Lustig: “Many Swedish supporters”

There are strict quarantine rules for travel to the UK, what would it be like to play the Round of 16 without Swedish fans?

It’s probably yellow and blue supporters, and there are many Swedes in the UK, so there are likely to be many supporters. I still have some friends there.

Do you have a whole yellow wall?

– Yes, we solve it, Lustig says and laughs.

Sweden could also win the group with a draw with Poland, but it then depends on the results between Slovakia and Spain. However, playing to the score does not see Lustig as a problem.

– No, but we have our game plan. Everyone knows what is needed before the game. But I don’t know, everyone knows what to do. We know we’re strong in the box and even if they come up with the flyers, we’re strong out there.

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– If we have a result with ten minutes left, don’t worry.

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