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Lykans Slip Marina, the first destination for superchargers for electric boats in Sweden and the Nordics - Batliv

Lykans Slip Marina, the first destination for superchargers for electric boats in Sweden and the Nordics – Batliv

Global marine speed charging network Aqua SuperPower has made its first installation in Sweden and Scandinavia at Likkens Slip Marina on the west coast. Lyckans Slip wants to lead the way by making Aqua superpower’s fast charging for electric boats available to its customers, along with the best practice for sustainable ocean boating.

The installation of the new Aqua Supercharger reflects the wider environmental mission of Lycans Slips as the most visionary and progressive marina in the country and region. Earlier this year, Lyckans Slip welcomed Brandt Båt with its own customer center, which sells and services a number of boat brands, including the Swedish-made electric boats X Shore and Strana.

– We have always strived to be at the forefront of environmental work, part of which is the decision to be the first in Sweden to join the Aqua Superpower fast charger network, explains Connie Holberg, Marina Manager of Likans Slip.

– I want Lyckans Slip to be completely electrified ahead of the expected increase in boat life. With more than 70 electric boat builders in operation, boat enthusiasts have a growing and fast-growing range of models to explore. Our new Aqua 75 DC Quick Charger allows you to charge an electric boat’s battery in 20-90 minutes and regain its autonomy.

– Our electric yacht customers want to experience our beautiful archipelago as they are used to but in a more sustainable way. While slow charging on your boat is sufficient for most day trips, fast charging enables longer trips and water sports practice, says Leo Ekbom, co-founder and marketing manager of BrandBot.

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– We see in front of us a fully developed ocean fast-charging corridor on the Swedish west coast. Starting at Licken’s Slip, Aqua Network’s first charging hub is helping to transition to clean boating without emissions.

Aqua Super Power makes marinas and locations near the water ideal for switching to electric boats at no upfront cost. With the installation of the new fully connected marine quick charger Aqua 75, Lyckans Slip becomes a destination for all electric boat users, generating a large number of visitors and long-term revenue. Aqua’s hardware is specially selected to meet the challenges of the marine environment. The Aqua SuperPower network is accessible to boat users via the Aqua Secure app or RFID card, allowing users to view a map showing charger options, provide navigation aids and manage charging sessions.

Aqua Superpower is the first company to design and install a global marine fast charging network. Aqua Group has long and successful experience in delivering charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and is now transferring this know-how to the marine sector. The company has installed its network of marine speed chargers in the Côte d’Azur, the Italian Riviera, Venice, Spain, the United Kingdom and is expanding to Canada and the United States. A further 150 chargers are planned to be added to the network next year, with significant expansion growth thereafter.