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Dstny gets Tactful AI to accelerate its offer with a focus on customer experience

Dstny gets Tactful AI to accelerate its offer with a focus on customer experience

Acquisition takes Dstny to the next level of customer engagement, enabling companies to use artificial intelligence and data in their customer experience with minimal effort.

Brussels, 24 May 2022 – Dstny, the European leader in business communications, announces the acquisition of Tactful AI, a technology startup based in the UK and Egypt, providing a fantastic intelligent customer experience platform. Acquisition Dstny’s product expands portfolio and enables companies to enhance customer engagement across modern digital and traditional voice channels.

“With intelligence, we not only strengthen ourselves with next-generation customer engagement technology, but also add a better team to our team,” he says. Dan de Weaver, CEO of Disney Group.

As competition increases, companies need to differentiate themselves based on customer experience. Founded by Mohamed Elmasry, Mohammad Hassan and Sherif Kairallah, Tactfuls Unified Customer Experience Platform (UCX) is an AI and data center solution that enables business users to manage, engage and understand customer travel across multiple contact points. This includes a complete omnisennel presentation with a digital communication center, multilingual chats for conversations, and conversation analysis.

“Smart and Dstny share the same vision that unites employees and customers through interactive communication tools. We both hope that together we can make people’s lives even better. By joining Dstny, we are pleased to accelerate our marketing strategy and bring even more value to our customers. Mohamed Elmasry, co-founder and CEO of Tactful AI.

With the out-of-the-box, no-code AI-powered automation engine, any company can use AI and data in their customer experience with minimal effort regardless of its technical capabilities.

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“Our M&A strategy is about product and revenue integration, not cost synergies as you often see elsewhere. In this way, we grow faster as a joint venture, and our customers access more and better products much faster. Tact is the perfect competition in every way, and to work together We’re happy to get started, ”he says Chris Parker, Dstny Group.


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Christian Head – CMO Dstny
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +46707187603

About Dstny
Dstny is a leading European provider of cloud-based business communications. The company today strives to make the daily lives of more than 2.3 million users easier: interactive tools in business communications are provided as a service and integrate staff and customers across all forms of communication (voice, video, chat and more). Dstny Tools is built-in mobile, customizable locally, easy to use and easy to integrate with companies, partners and service providers. By combining innovative technology with close relationships with partners and service providers, and with strong local teams, Dstny can provide the best user experience and make the latest applications available to companies across Europe. Headquartered in Brussels, Dstny has 800 employees in 7 European countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom) and will have an annual revenue of nearly மில்லியன் 190 million by 2021.

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About tricky
Tactful is a leading and private technology company based in the UK, with a presence in EMEA. Tactful provides omniscience and AI-driven customer experience software to help companies thrive by enabling meaningful and effective engagement with their customers across contact points. Tactical UCX is a comprehensive customer experience platform that incorporates all the technologies and tools needed by companies to deliver the best customer experience, reduce costs, and increase customer loyalty and sales.

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