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Draft new climate agreement published in Glasgow

Draft new climate agreement published in Glasgow

Glasgow. Pressure on countries is growing more and more ahead of the final hours of negotiations at the Climate Summit.

A new draft was released Friday morning, at the same time there is growing concern that the 1.5-degree target will not be reached.

Negotiations on Cop26 lasted all night into Friday and are now in the real final race.

Summit Chairman Alok Sharma said before the last day that time was running out.

Secretary-General of the United Nations At the same time, António Guterres said that promises made so far will not sufficiently deliver on emissions cuts.

“We know what to do,” Guterres said.

Talks will continue on Friday on the rules for trading emissions reductions and the critical issue of climate finance.

On Thursday, it was announced that a coalition of 10 countries and regional governments, led by Denmark and Costa Rica, would take steps to stop the extraction and use of oil and gas. Sweden is one of the countries that have joined.

Although negotiations It’s not over yet, more and more people are hearing that Cop26 sounds disappointing.

Former UK Labor leader Ed Miliband told D.A. at the summit that he had been hesitant about the past hours.

“I don’t think we’re going to get what we need, which is halving global emissions this decade. That’s always been what we’ve been up against. How far are we going…? We won’t get all the way forward, but we must keep trying.”

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Also the Prime Minister of Scotland Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon tried to keep optimism alive when she stopped and crowded reporters in a corridor.

“We are not at the end yet and there is still time. Cop tends to drag out time, although I think the press should be there to get an agreement on time. The UK as host should take the lead and make sure we see the determination. And the will is here,” Sturgeon says.

On Friday morning, another draft was released ahead of final negotiations, a message described as slightly more watered down than the draft published earlier this week.

According to the plan, the meeting will end at 19:00 Swedish time, but further work may continue.