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Dow Alexandersen and Sweden won gold at the World Cup

Dow Alexandersen and Sweden won gold at the World Cup

For the first time, the best orienteer in the world was in the starting lineup at a pure sprint WC. Sweden then won the opening relay in Danish Golding.

Lina Strand started for Sweden and had a fierce fight with Swiss star Simona Aberzold. But as usual, there was another gear to put on at the end of the stretch.

The 33-year-old beat the Swiss players before the final test and was able to switch to Max Peter Bezmer 17 seconds ahead of Switzerland.

– Strand says after his extension that it was according to plan that you could stretch your cheek and say so.

“Dig deep”

Strand is usually quite strong in the last minutes of the race, but this time she had to dig deeper for her forces.

– What you did a few times when it becomes a force compared to others, it becomes a bit my card, no matter how the body feels, I have to play it. I dig deep, I do, she says and continues:

– Since there will be such a big gap, I do not think.

In front of a cheerful audience, Bezmer can run majestically alone. He got some help when the entire team, including medal-winning Norway and Switzerland, misbehaved against the 13th check and completely lost contact with Bezmer.

When Gustav Bergman was out in the third leg, Great Britain was just 15 seconds behind. Switzerland and Norway were almost a minute and a half behind in the change.

Alexander went knock

Bergman had a difficult distance, approaching British Christian Jones. When that changed, it split the teams in favor of Jones.

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Megan Carter-Davis went out to bring home a bang-gold for her England. The only problem for her is that the starter at the same time was Dow Alexandersen, who won all the gold at WC last year and won both the sprint and the knockout sprint at the World Cup premiere in Boras.

Against control 12, Alexanderson drove his maximum speed, and the distance for the English increased with every meter.

Alexanderson marched into the finish line and retained the first gold of the championship for Sweden, finishing fourth in the sprint relay and tenth straight in the Alexanderson.

Great Britain was finally one minute behind in second place. Norway captures bronze.

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