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Doom from 1993 received ray tracing support

Doom from 1993 received ray tracing support

While many modern games are shipped with some variations ray tracingIn implementation, there is also a trend towards adding support for the technology in older titles. Among other things, we’ve seen Minecraft and Quake II receive support ray tracing In projects run by graphics card giant Nvidia. However, there is also a relatively large group of amateur programmers working to heat up the graphics in games of the time via technology.

Among those visible Sultim “sultim-t” Tsyrendashievwhich previously encoded one ray tracingImplementation of the first Croteam game in the Serious Sam series. However, the latest encoder project goes back in time a bit, when it comes to adding ray tracing In the popular first-person shooter Doom by Id Software since 1993. This is done via a special graphics engine PrBoomwhich in turn is based on most of the other projects it has previously improved Open the source code for the game.

In the latest version of Prboom has support for ray tracing Added via Vulcan graphics interface. Like Minecraft RTX and Quake II RTX, it’s almost one TracerouteAn implementation where all lighting and shadows generated by technology are implemented. The result is, to say the least, effective, especially when combined with other graphical improvements the engine provides, such as more high-res decorations.

source code To Prboom is also available via Github Pre-translated binaries. to play with Doom ray tracing User need to provide .WAD file from either of them Sharing programsThe full version or game and put it in the Prboom installation folder. Support is currently only available for Nvidia-based graphics cards, but the developer is open to adding support for AMD models if anyone can consider doing this code work.

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Did you test Doom with ray tracing? Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts in the comment thread!