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Don't underestimate political risks when buying stocks

Don’t underestimate political risks when buying stocks

iDr Clinic played an important role when the coronavirus pandemic paralyzed society and the demand for coronavirus tests was high among businesses and individuals alike. Now the focus is slowly shifting from Covid-19 to international expansion and innovative care services for individuals.

We are building a modern care company where different types of tests for their health status should be readily available to the patient, both from an economic and a cognitive perspective, says Simon Paulson, founder of iDr Clinic and medical specialty.

iDr Clinic currently has its own clinics in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, but the business is constantly expanding; Last year, they hired two people per week, and now aim to establish themselves internationally. Unlike similar players, they have, among other things, their own laboratory operations, their own medical records system, transportation system, IT department and customer service.

We saw early on the value of developing all parts of a business within a company. This way, we can control the entire process and gain independence — we’re virtually independent of outside actors, says Siri Palson, Vice President and Co-Founder.

More advanced care – through testing

As society begins to open up and the need for covid testing decreases, iDr Clinic is now investing in its new focus: an advanced system of care and accessible testing, in order to give individuals better control of their health – and the opportunity to prevent disease themselves.

We are developing a privatized opportunity to examine your body to get a better idea of ​​your health condition. Everyone has different needs and there are a plethora of actions you can take to prevent disease — but sometimes it’s hard to know your health status when you don’t analyze yourself, says Axel Svensson, CEO and co-owner of iDr Clinic.

The result of the test can indicate what you need to change in your lifestyle. For example, it could be about how you exercise, that you need a certain diet or that you increase your intake of vitamins and minerals. Advanced and modern tests can also predict more serious diseases, which may be something the patient wants information about at an early stage.

Basically, we’ve identified the need to give more ownership to patients. Simon Paulson concludes that through testing, we want to give them the opportunity to be able to control what they want to control.

About iDr . Clinic
iDr-Kliniken is a subsidiary of iDr Medical Consulting AB, which was started by Simon Pålsson in 2011. Simon Pålsson is currently a specialist in surgery, trained at Lund University and Sahlgrenska University Hospital. Today, the company is owned and operated with Siri Pålsson, Architect SAR/MSA and Axel Svensson, the developer of the system. The company started its operations in the clinic in 2020 and today it forms a group of 5 subsidiaries and around 80 employees in healthcare, wellness and laboratory medicine.


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