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This is how you get your money

It is important to think correctly about your finances. It is often much more expensive than you think when someone else is paying.

With this book, I want to help you make the right decision about your finances. Everything would be much easier and more fun if you knew the best way to handle your money, says Christina Salberg.

good advice

She is acting with her boyfriend’s outgoing daughter who has given advice to her little sister who still lives at home with her parents.

“Take the opportunity to eat a lot of this good cheese while you are with your mother, it is very expensive with cheese.”

A third of all young people in Sweden who are about to move from their home countries lack the necessary knowledge about finances, according to a study by Finansinspektionen, FI. For example, three-quarters of them answered that they did not know how to obtain a bank loan, and in a survey conducted by Ung Privatekonomi, four out of five answered that they would like to learn more private economics at school.

“Do not borrow for consumption”

Christina Salberg believes that it is important to deal with any payment problems immediately, and not to borrow money for consumption.

When you don’t pay a debt, a lot of fees and default interest are added, which means the debt is only growing and growing. Noticing a payment can have far-reaching consequences for you and can make it difficult to get a rental apartment, a loan, a bank card, a mobile phone agreement, and even certain jobs, she says.

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The book contains many tips and advice, which will give you a better future if you learn how to work with your own money. For example, it is important to start saving early. If you started saving when you were young, a small amount could become too large through the effect of interest on interest.

Useful Tips

The eleven chapters in the book deal with many problems and give advice on how to deal with the economy, such as the many pitfalls to avoid. Or you can get away with just learning how to budget, and how you can do it in practice. A budget also allows you to see if you can change something to get more money for both saving and doing fun things.

In one of the chapters, you will learn how study money works and also get information about all available student discounts.

The book also describes how your dwelling works when you’re away from home, says Christina Salberg.

How to earn extra income

A complete chapter on your home and contains tips on everything you should do when moving away from home, such as getting home insurance and signing a lease.

“I also tell you what it costs to live on your own and what rules apply if you become domiciled,” she says.

There are other tips and guidelines on how to significantly reduce costs, and on the importance of paying bills on time

It also reviews how you can make more money, how you can increase your salary and how you can earn additional income. It is not important here to know how you can affect your tax when you advertise.

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Another chapter deals specifically with different types of regular loans. It’s mostly about mortgages, but Christina Sahlberg also covers how student loans, private loans, auto loans, credit cards, consumer loans, SMS loans, and loans to avoid work.

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