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Donald Trump's trip to the White House began in Iowa

Donald Trump’s trip to the White House began in Iowa

No, there has been no official announcement that Donald Trump intends to run again in the 2024 presidential election, but that was not expected either. He doesn’t have to do that yet.

The money for Save America is pouring in anyway. The audience is coming. In the thousands. He is basking in the admiration of the audience, as before.

Trump speaks as someone who has already made up his mind in practice.

“We will finish the wall quickly and stop illegal immigration forever,” he said last night at the meeting in Des Moines.

The United States hasn’t seen anything like this in a very long time. Incumbent presidents who lost in presidential elections – such as George Bush or Jimmy Carter – have been kept out of sight after defeat.

But not Donald Trump. But he also told himself that he never lost an election and 75 percent of Republican voters in a Pew poll say Joe Biden is an illegitimate president.

Donald Trump himself stated in his 90-minute speech that he now gets the most cheers when he talks about “election fraud.” There was a lot of talk going on about it, and people cheered when he said things like:

Hillary Clinton admitted that she lost. I did not do. There was no reason.

Iowa is a very important state in the US elections. This is where the first elections of the primary season take place when parties choose who will be the presidential candidate.

And for Trump it looks bright. In a recent poll for the local Des Moines Register, 53 percent of those surveyed said they like Trump. He has the highest number here. As many as 91 percent of Republicans are positive about it.

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Therefore, he was also accompanied on stage last night by Iowa Republicans, especially 88-year-old Senator Chuck Grassley who is running for re-election in next year’s congressional elections.

It’s part of the story that Chuck Grassley was one of the senators who harshly criticized Trump after storming the Capitol on January 6.

Then in January, Grassley said, like this about Donald Trump:

– The truth is this, he lost.

But last night he stood on stage smiling at Trump’s official endorsement. Trump described him as a “young man” and “a guy who loves Iowa.” Grassley himself said:

If I didn’t get support from someone who got 91 percent of the vote in Iowa, I wouldn’t be too smart.

Senator Chuck Grassley was on stage with Donald Trump last night. He was criticizing Trump in January, not anymore.

Photo: Rachel Mamie/Reuters X06942

It also summarizes the state of the Republican Party. There is currently no one to threaten Donald Trump if he finally decides to run again in the 2024 election.

According to the Washington Post, Trump wanted to do just that in August — after the failure in Afghanistan — but advisers persuaded him to wait until next year’s congressional elections.

The Washington Post also asked 13 advisers who worked closely with Trump if they thought he really intended to run. One didn’t know, two thought what was going on now was just a show, but ten answered that they were convinced he intended to try to regain control of the White House.

In that case, here in Iowa, his first votes will be cast sometime in early 2024. Changing which state will vote first has been discussed, but Trump made clear last night that he wants Iowa to continue with his premiere. Status.

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And if he says so, so be it in the US Republican Party today.

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