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The return of force to Lebanon - DN.SE

The return of force to Lebanon – DN.SE

Lebanon’s population was forced to live in darkness when the country’s two largest power stations were closed indefinitely due to a fuel shortage on Saturday. Officials announced that it could take several days before work could begin again.

But the country’s Energy Ministry announced on Sunday that the central bank has given the ministry a $100 million loan to import fuel that can be used to run electric power plants.

nor should Thus producing the same amount of electricity again as before.

The Lebanese Electricity Company reported that the Lebanese army announced on Saturday evening that it had agreed to supply the two power stations with six million liters of gas oil.

The country is experiencing one of the worst economic crises since the mid-19th century, according to world bank who also accused the government of being intentionally negative.

since the end By 2019, the currency had lost about 90 percent of its value, and nearly 80 percent of Lebanon’s population today lives below the poverty line, according to United Nations reports.

The economic crisis has also led to widespread fuel shortages.

Individuals, businesses, and hospitals rely on gasoline and diesel generators due to the lack of electricity supply.

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