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Does Ulf Kristerson also want to send refugees to Rwanda?  — Worker's Paper

Does Ulf Kristerson also want to send refugees to Rwanda? — Worker’s Paper

Following plans by Britain and Denmark to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, now Swedish voices are raising voices to follow suit.

This is a comment post.The stance of the newspaper is independent social democratic.

A plane that never took off, in Boscombe Town, near Amesbury, Wiltshire. Photo: Don Kidwood/Getty Images

while flying are you the last How was your flight stay – comfortable, safe?

This summer, we Swedes take a charter flight to Barcelona or Kos, and as the plane descends to land, the planes and the plane’s windows have taken on a completely different meaning for asylum seekers in Great Britain and Denmark.

in spring season Countries should be created separately A New Model for Asylum with large contact points between them. The model would be to stop accepting asylum seekers en masse. Instead, they will be sent to Rwanda – essentially as soon as they arrive at the border. It doesn’t matter if the asylum seeker is a journalist from Iran criticizing the regime or a teenager orphaned after a bombing in Afghanistan.



and delivered Against presumptive asylum, the asylum seeker is offering to live in Rwanda and not in Great Britain or Denmark. Alternatively, you can use the UN. May be sent to one of the refugee camps.

What Amnesty calls irresponsible and dangerous, Bostrom believes the EU should evolve.

Many human rights organizations are now highly critical of Great Britain and Denmark, as Rwanda is a country largely devoid of legal protection and respect for human rights.

Mahama Refugee Camp is the largest refugee camp in Rwanda. Photo: UNHCR

Steve Valdez-Symonds, Amnesty’s head of asylum issues in the UK, was among those condemning the UK’s actions. IN A statement on Amnesty’s website He recalled that Israel made a similar deal with Rwanda almost ten years ago.

At that time, asylum seekers did not immediately receive a safe reception. Instead, constant threats of persecution, kidnapping, starvation, and deportation to the same countries they fled awaited.

But for that Anyone who wants to end asylum immigration altogether would be a good idea to do the same as Great Britain and Denmark, right? To outsource the entire asylum process under the false pretense of protecting the safety of asylum seekers.


GP editorialist wants more from Britain’s new asylum policy

What do you think? Swedish right? Do they think it is fair to move all asylum claims out of Sweden?


Riggs, the Sweden Democratic Party’s YouTube channel, thinks that’s completely unfair. A panel member of Rik’s show “Morgongänget” suggested in yesterday’s broadcast (26/7) that asylum seekers could be sent to Afghanistan.

Still However, no capitalist party is talking about doing something similar here. But Sweden tends to follow in Denmark’s footsteps when it comes to immigration and migration, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we soon hear something like what Ulf Kristerson or Magdalena Andersen think on the Rig news team today.

Danish plans for Rwanda have not yet begun. Neither are the British. But in Britain it was fine. In early June, a flight was oversubscribed and partially filled by British asylum seekers. At the eleventh hour, they were saved by the European Court of Human Rights.

Håkan Bostrom is an editorial writer at Göteborgs-Posten. Photo: Ernst Henry Photography

But stop only temporary, As Hakan Bostrom He points. Bostrom, lead writer at Göteborgs-Posten, thinks “the British are leading the way on asylum policy”. What Amnesty calls irresponsible and dangerous, Bostrom believes the EU should evolve.


I guess Boström is generally owned by those who have a very pleasant and comfortable time on their flights, not to say safe. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for British asylum seekers who were saved at the last minute from deportation to Rwanda.

While security guards When they came to take the refugees off the plane, they hugged. reports British newspaper Daily Mail. The joy was total.

But it is still too late to blow the risk.

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