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Director confirms ideas for Days Gone 2: “A Shared World with a Collaborative”

Director confirms ideas for Days Gone 2: “A Shared World with a Collaborative”

It is alleged that Sony has misjudged it but we must “never say”.

On Friday, more or less eye-catching rumors faded away. In part, Naughty Dog is allegedly working on a PS5 remake of the eight-year-old (youthful?) PS4 game The last of us. Additionally, Bend is said to have lodged 2 days passed But not received by Sony. Although the original sold well, reception was mixed and development time long. They claim it’s not worth the risk.

Bend’s ex doesn’t confirm no, but admits he has ideas for her 2 days passed.

During Long stream With God of WarGame creator David Jaffe (who spoke about the Sony Game Pass counterattack) says Days passedDirector Jeff Ross who, of course, worked on the field.

When he left Bend in December (for personal reasons), he knew nothing about the follow-up plans at the moment. However, he can confirm his own ideas about the cooperative and the other ‘A common world’ Between players.

It would have been a secondary mode if we had done it in the first mode, or even in another mode. I wouldn’t have held the main narration … because that’s really what we’re good at. This was the strength of the first title so build on that and make it even better.

But then, take this world that you built, all these assets and systems, and repurpose them for a kind of similar multiplayer version in this universe. So it would be with men like Deacon trying to survive, build a club or a crew. I think it’d be fun to be in this world cooperatively and see what legion battles could be like.

Bloomberg claims the stadium was missed in 2019, and Ross admits ‘Don’t have the luxury’ To be transparent like journalists. It might not be great for anyone 2 days passed But Ross also says that we are “never say never”. when Days passed Now taking a step into the PC there is a chance for a huge hit, and it might make Sony think again. we will see.

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