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Difficult search for hurricanes in the United States

Difficult search for hurricanes in the United States

The storm is said to have claimed more than 100 lives, according to Kentucky Gov., Democrat Andy Bashir.

From the reports I’ve received, we’ve lost more than 80 Kentucky residents. On Sunday night, he said the number would exceed 100.

– Entire cities are gone. My father’s hometown, more than half of it did not remain. Twelve or more buildings were demolished.

Wanted in a wax factory

A candle factory in the town of Mayfield was hit hard. 110 people worked at the plant and only 40 were rescued from there.

No survivors have been found in the past 24 hours, rescue workers said late Sunday.

“I pray that another person will be saved,” Bashir continued while rescue workers were searching among the ruins of the factory.

One of the survivors is Kiana Parson Perez. It was stuck under a meter and a half of debris.

– She said I didn’t think I’d do that.

We had to get past the dead to get to the victims who were alive, says Mayfield Rescue Chief Jeremy Creson.

Timber from destroyed buildings and tattered trees cover the grounds in the city of 10,000 people. Deformed sheet metal and wrecked vehicles still lined the roads; Roofs and windows destroyed the buildings that still exist.

Biden promises support

One of the many tornadoes tore a 320-mile path into the ground in Kentucky, possibly as much as 400 miles, which would be a dismal record for a tornado in America. The storm also shattered, among other things, a nursing home and distribution center for internet giant Amazon.

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The storm moved east on Sunday.

US President Joe Biden said the affected states can count on federal aid.

“I want to reiterate what I said to governors (in affected states): The federal government will do everything, everything it can to help,” the president said.

Biden also said in a television appearance that he will visit the affected areas soon when conditions allow.