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Dies after shooting in Hjulsta

Dies after shooting in Hjulsta

Police were alerted at 02.37, when several callers heard from them when they heard a number of gunshots. Two people with gunshot wounds were found in a yard in the slopes of Hjulsta.

– Both have life-threatening injuries and are being cared for in hospital, says Ola Osterling at Stockholm Police at 8 a.m. on Monday.

At lunchtime, police reported that a man in his 20s died of his injuries.

After the shooting in Hjulsta, several people were seen running from the scene. Police deployed patrol dogs and a drone to search for the suspected perpetrators. Later in the night, six people could be arrested in a house in Hjulsta.

Eight arrested in the Hjulsta . case

– We received information as part of our efforts about the presence of suspects in a house in Hjulsta, we conducted a house search and in connection with their arrest, says Ola Osterling.

Later in the morning, two more people could be arrested in the Hjulsta case. Police stated that they also found and seized items in connection with a home search in two different locations, both in the house and in the car.

Police are looking for more people who may be connected to the incident in Hjulsta. During the day, they will draw the roles of the detainees and their relationship to the victims. In other ways, the police are silent about the ages of the perpetrators, and whether they were known to the police before.

A large amount of video material from CCTV will be examined as part of the technical evidence.

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More shootings during the night

During the night until Monday, shootings took place in three other places in Stockholm. At about 8 p.m. on Sunday, a shooting took place in Tensta, the same area as the Hjulsta neighborhood, where police saw bullet holes in two cars.

– There does not rule out any contact. Investigators will find out, and map all four shootings, Osterling says.

The shooting occurred in Hägersten at 11 pm on Sunday, an incident that is being investigated as a serious crime related to the use of firearms.

Subsequently, a shooting was reported in Bredäng at 03:00, but there is no information that anyone was injured. Empty sleeves were found at the scene, and two people who were examined were arrested nearby. This incident is also being investigated as a serious weapons crime.

– At the moment, we don’t find any clear connection, but we don’t rule that out either, says Ola Osterling.