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Dictoc invests heavily in e-commerce and launches new operations in Sweden

Dictoc invests heavily in e-commerce and launches new operations in Sweden

The social network Dictoc is growing rapidly, and recently the company also set up an office in Sweden to get closer with Nordic companies that want to reach the network. At the same time, Dictoc is investing heavily in e-commerce in various trading markets. An e-commerce activity called Dictoc Store has appeared in some countries, where you can conduct e-commerce on a policy basis on Dictok. There should also be close links for direct shopping when it comes to the Dictoc store.

In Sweden, we are not really there yet, but we have yet to ask Dictok when similar activities may come.

Since these are early trials in selected regions such as Southeast Asia and the United Kingdom, there is little information we can share right now. However, e-commerce is an exciting area for Dictok, and we continue to explore meaningful ways for our community to find, engage, and shop for the brands they want, Dictok’s Swedish Press Contact answers.

Create TikToks on Shopify

Of course, it would not be so strange if Sweden was not at the top of the list for new activities. However, Dictoc now announces the launch of a “support package” for small and medium enterprises in Sweden. Among other things, it includes a package that provides access to the Dictoc Ad Manager and a link to e-commerce site Shaffy.

Companies can now create video ads directly on Shopify and easily distribute them to the Dictoc community, which is explained in a press release.

Dictoc should have entered into a partnership with Swedish Digital Business to teach members how to reach new target groups on the platform.

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“Experimenting with New Business Opportunities”

However, the heavy e-commerce activity prevailing in other markets seems to have to wait a while before coming here.

Dictok has experimented and learned with offers and partnerships for e-commerce, and we are constantly looking for new ways to promote creativity, spread happiness and add more value to our community. We take pleasure in exploring new business opportunities that help people find what they want and get involved. “We will provide updates as we explore these important paths for the community of our users, creators and brands,” Dictok said in a statement to Ehandel.


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