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Selects Pasal Verge to streamline customer encounters across its digital channels

Selects Pasal Verge to streamline customer encounters across its digital channels

At a time when digital encounters are so important for successful customer service, the need for good technology has also increased. Pussel, one of the leading customer service sites, has chosen to integrate parts of Vergek’s technology into its platform for better digital customer service.

Meeting your customers digitally creates opportunities, but you need the right tools depending on what the case is. You can do tex. Provide text chat to their clients for quick and easy conversation, but as things get more complicated it needs more advanced features to be effective. This is where Verjik’s co-browsing and video chat play a role.

Co-browsing and video chat can solve very complex situations very efficiently

By adding Virgik’s co-browsing and video chat as contact channels (Puzzle direct sharing) Puzzles users can now better handle complex customer issues. Chat can be increased to video chat if needed in a place that uses image and sound to communicate.

Also, through the co-browsing process, customers can view and browse the Internet and share documents and videos. Features that reduce handling time and provide greater shift.

A customer who calls customer service can be guided over the web with the help of “Phone to Digital”, which is very useful as 60% of customers start their customer journey online.

What does this mean for Vergik?

“Fusal acknowledges that we’re doing the right thing by integrating our technology with its platform.

/ Alexander Lunde, CEO Vergick

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