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Crypto queen Ruja Ignatova is wanted by the FBI

Ruja Ignatova is
Ruja Ignatova is the infamous “Crypto Queen”.

The infamous “Crypto Queen” is suspected of having surgery on her face so she won’t be found.

Now Ruja Ignatova, 42, has been added to the FBI’s list of ten most wanted criminals.

Anyone with information that could lead to his arrest is offered $100,000.

Roja Ignatova accused of defrauding $4 billion by selling fake cryptocurrency”Uncoin“.

Now Ignatova, also known as Crypto Queen, has been added to the FBI’s famous list of the world’s ten most wanted criminals. These reports CNN Which refers to the US authorities.

In 2019, she was sued in several IT and securities fraud cases. This is after the company “Onecoin Ltd” operated as a pyramid scheme where it deceived people to invest in useless cryptocurrency.

“She made sure she had the perfect plan,” said Damian Williams, a federal prosecutor in New York.

Ignatova has disappeared without a trace since 2017.

He disappeared without a trace

The company has been described as one of the biggest Ponzi scams in the world. Which is when fraudsters promise a high return on investment as the funds are instead used to keep the fraud going.

Since 2017, the crypto queen has disappeared without a trace. After bugging her boyfriend’s apartment, she learns that he’s cooperating with the FBI.

After that, I boarded a plane bound for Greece. She has not been seen since. The FBI suspects she may have had plastic surgery to avoid it, reports Watchman.

The FBI is seeking advice

Michael Driscoll, deputy chief of the FBI in New York, says the FBI is giving $100,000 to anyone who comes up with advice that could lead to Ignatova’s arrest.

The FBI doesn’t want to comment on whether they’ve managed to get the crypto queen on the road yet. But they state that the reason she was added to the “wanted list” is that she believes the public can be of great help in this case.

– She disappeared with a lot of money. And the money can be used to buy several friends, which I think she used, says Michael Driscoll.

Also wanted by Europol

Ruja Ignatova comes from Bulgaria but today is a German citizen. The headquarters of the scam company Onecoin Ltd is located in Bulgaria.

In 2019, she and former attorney Mark Scott were charged with laundering about $400 million through the company.

In May earlier this year, she was added to Europol’s list of most wanted criminals, and now the FBI has followed suit.

Onecoin office entrance in Sofia, Bulgaria.