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Biden and Putin warned each other in phone conversations

Biden and Putin warned each other in phone conversations

The White House says a diplomatic approach is still possible to reduce tensions with the West is one of the things Biden was said to have pressured during the conversation.

Tonight’s talks between the two presidents took place during a period of heightened tensions between the West and Russia, which has placed a large number of soldiers on the Ukrainian border. This was the second phone call between the two leaders in just over three weeks.

According to the White House, Biden warned Putin of a strong response from the United States if Russia invaded Ukraine, and said a downsizing was necessary to find a diplomatic solution to the impasse. Biden is also reported to have said the United States is monitoring the build-up and transfer of Russian forces near the Ukrainian border.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Photo: Mikhail Metzel / AFP

The Kremlin says that the tone of the conversation has created a good atmosphere for the talks that will start after the end of the year. Putin also threatened that any new sanctions against Russia would be a “grave mistake,” and that Russia would have to see some kind of results.

The United States and the European Union already It responded with threats of harsh sanctions and Russia presented a list of demands it wanted the United States and the NATO defense alliance to sign. The demands include not allowing NATO to expand, and many representatives of countries in the West have described them as “impossible” to accept.

In mid-January, representatives from the United States and Russia will meet in Geneva, Switzerland, followed by meetings between Russia and NATO, followed by Russia and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

According to NATO Head Jens Stoltenberg, the defense alliance has tried on several occasions to resume dialogue with Russia, the newspaper wrote online EUobserver. Contact between Russia and the West has deteriorated sharply due to the conflict in Ukraine.

The level at which the meeting will take place in Geneva is still unclear, but according to information from the White House, the heads of state will not meet.

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