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Created a National Federation to Experience the Olympic Dream

Created a National Federation to Experience the Olympic Dream

This may not be one of the most common childhood dreams in the British Isles, but when Elsa Desmond was eight years old and watched the Turin Winter Olympics on TV in 2006, she decided on the spot: to become a bobsled racer.

Born in Buckinghamshire, England, she initially competed for the UK but wasn’t entirely satisfied with the change of coach, choosing in 2019 the country of her grandparents to come from, Ireland.

I was raised by an Irish father in many ways, and wanted to represent Ireland and help smaller countries learn about skateboarding. She says on the Olympics website that the sport is now growing.

There was only one Change problems with the national team: There was no national team to change in Algeciras.

So Elsa Desmond had to start a whole new track to skateboard.

– We had no idea what we were getting into when we made the decision. We had to start a business in Ireland to become a federation. I’ve had great support from my family, but when it comes to the day job, I take care of most things myself, she tells Olympic Media Channel.

Elsa Desmond studied to become a doctor at the same time she invested in the Olympics and set up the Irish Ski Association.

Photo: Daniel Mihailescu / AFP

She managed planning, developed training programs, solicited sponsors, and handled management, logistics and hired staff. This is at the same time that she has maintained her elite athletic commitment.

– It was a lot more work than I realized it would be. But I do not regret it. It was one of the best decisions of my skating career, because it gave us so much freedom to build a new program completely different from what we see in others.

As if it was not enough for you in principle to perform all the tasks required to keep the National Assembly going, at the same time she studied to become a doctor.

– I had to constantly review what I did. Sometimes I would write essays in the car between the tracks, often carrying my student cards and proofreading notes with me in the “starting homes” before competitions, she says.

Now the truth is one Another for Elsa Desmond. Today she is in Beijing where she will not only fulfill her childhood dream at Yanqing National Skating Center – where skates, snowboards and skateboards are determined at the Olympics – but also had the honor of carrying the Irish flag at the Games opening on Friday. Well, that’s a new medicine degree below the belt.

In modest fashion, she makes her Olympic debut on Monday when the women’s skating class begins and is scheduled for the following day. The idea is that she’ll be at her best in four years at Milan / Cortina 2026. In Beijing, she’s content with three steady rides – and continues to inspire her role as Pioneer.

– When I watched the Games in Turin, there were no skaters from Ireland and no skaters from Great Britain. I haven’t seen anyone who I thought represented myself or did what I could imagine doing. In the eyes of the world, it seems like Ireland can’t do that, so I’m going to show the world that Ireland really can.

– The world has given me every excuse to give up on the road. The fact that I didn’t do that is what I am most proud of.

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