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Craftsmen in Lindsberg, England are on display again

Örebro craftsmen continue their exchanges with the Northamptonshire Guild of Designer Craftsmen in England. “During December, we will be exhibiting together at Derngate 78 in Northampton, North London,” announced Gunilla Dovsten, two of the eleven participating artisans from Örebro County, together with Mats Herming.

Gunilla Dovsten and Mats Herminge – two artists who exhibit their work in England.

“The craftsmen in Örebro have collaborated for many years with the Northamptonshire Designer Craftsmen's Guild – we hold joint exhibitions in each other's spaces, talk about culture and crafts and compare cultural climates,” explains Gunilla Dovsten.

Unlike the craftsmen in Örebro – who run a gallery and shop – the Northamptonshire Designers' Guild only holds joint exhibitions in various galleries around Northamptonshire – in this case Derngate 78. Gallery at home and this is where we show,” continues Gunilla Dovsten.

The most recent exchanges (November 2019 – January 2020) are presented under the title “Breaking Boundaries II” – an exhibition at the Alfred East Art Gallery in Northampton, England with works by artisans from the Örebro district – including Gunilla Dofstein, Mats Herming and Moa Rodbert.

This time it showcases around 10 craftsmen from Örebro, four of whom will be going there for the opening on November 6 – Gunilla Dovsten, Mats Herming, Katarina Martensson and Patrick Bentham Radley.

“Exhibitions outside the EU after Brexit are an adventure and we can only hope that we have navigated the quagmire of forms in the right way. Everything is packed in large wooden crates and picked up by the transport company during the day,” explains Gunilla Dovsten. .

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This project has been running for two years and is funded by the Norwegian Cultural Council.

Participating Exhibitors:

  • Annika and Lennart Eisenhardt, Karlskoga, ceramics
  • Agita Wagman, Nora, mixed media
  • Moa Rodbert, Girl, Ceramic
  • Anna Högren, Ringby, glass jewellery
  • Mia Spears, Glenshamar, silver jewellery
  • Ives Magnusson, Örebro, ceramics
  • Tina Hagström, Örebro, ceramics
  • Patrick Bentham Radley, Örebro, ceramics
  • Katarina Martensson, Deltabrück, ceramics
  • Gunella Dofstein, Lindsberg, ceramics
  • Mats Herming, Lindsberg, wood