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Cracking security windows is an elusive mystery |  ATL

Cracking security windows is an elusive mystery | ATL

We’ve encountered a number of hard-to-explain malfunctions where windows have inexplicably broken under light load, situations where they are usually expected to persist, says Rolf Björheden, senior researcher at Skogforsk.

The windows are made of ultra-strong polycarbonate plastic and pass all required tests for approval. However, it happens that they fail, which can mean great risks to the driver.

– We sought different explanations: that the windows were cleaned with agents that remove the protective surface layer from UV rays, that the insert can lead to cracks, that the shape of the window affects the strength or if there are temperature differences and so on. employment. There is an explanation but we haven’t found it, and now we’re out of ideas.

For help solving the elusive mystery, Skogforsk is now, along with sister organizations in Norway and Finland, coming out with Survey of drivers and owners of forestry machinery Who changed the windows in his device.

– At present, we have only a few reports and therefore it is difficult to draw any definite conclusions. With a larger surface, Rolf Björheden says, it may be possible to find a pattern for when you can close the window.

At the moment there is an information folder from Skogforsk with general advice on what machine operators can do to reduce the risk of damage to security windows, and hopefully the survey results will help find the cause of the problem.