The question of whether the best matches in the Premier League can be played in different places around the world is once again on the table. The Athletic newspaper reported that the Premier League’s board of directors held a meeting last week where the possibility of adding matches outside the borders of the United Kingdom was discussed again.

The Premier League is said to be keen to improve the league’s global appeal and popularity through growth in markets with “billions of potential new fans”. According to The Athletic, China, India, Indonesia, Brazil and the United States have been identified as priority markets.

The scenario in which PL matches are played abroad is still ‘several years away in time’. However, former Premier League chief executive Richard Scudmore has stated that he is convinced the controversial change will happen sometime in the future – despite the fact that UEFA and FIFA (the English Football Association) have opposed the idea.

At the meeting arranged last week, the board was said to have discussed concerns about how local fans would react to the proposal to take Premier League matches to the world. A possible first step towards trying to attract new fans globally should be to organize a pre-season tournament in the United States for PL clubs.

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