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Congratulations to Norway - you are now a historic winner

Congratulations to Norway – you are now a historic winner

It may take a while to say, but we have to do it anyway.

Norway, you are the best now.

With Johannes Thingnes Boe’s Olympic gold in the group start on Friday, Norway has now won the most gold medals – in history – during the same Winter Olympics.

Thus, they defeated Canada, with 14 Olympic gold medals during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, by placing first.

And it was the Norwegian athletes who contributed by far the most gold medals in China. In total, they have so far received six gold medals and a total of 14 medals.

Thus, our dear neighbor country is establishing itself at the forefront in winter sports.

We write history as a nation

Gold medalist Johannes Thingness Poe celebrates Norway’s achievement during the Olympics.

– I’m very proud. We have all been a part of it, we are athletic athletes, and also in the men’s rotation. We write history as a nation. He says we are all very proud.

Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen reveals the athletes’ secret:

– It feels unbelievable to be a part of this (record). To succeed here in the wind and the cold too, which we knew would be difficult. We struggled for many years and trained a lot at high altitude and in the wind. When we don’t have a natural wind, we’ve been trained on a wind machine that simulates the wind when we’re shooting.

– It is very good to see that we are getting paid for our hard work over the past two or three years. Many have had to train for themselves due to Covid restrictions, but today we really succeeded, he says.

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Look here the Swedes

Praise the one who is worthy of praise. But Sweden’s performance during the Olympics in Beijing was also historic.

Sweden has so far equaled the gold records in Turin 2006 and Pyeongchang 2018 with our seven gold medals.

In Friday’s mass start, Martin Ponceloma won Sweden’s fifth silver in Beijing, which means we still have 16 medals in total – the most all-time for Sweden.

At the same time, there is a chance for another medal for Sweden. Eden’s team reached the curling final against Great Britain on Saturday, and Hasselburg’s team will play in the semi-finals, also against Great Britain on Friday.

Tre Kronor is also playing an important semi-finalist today. The opponent is the Republic of China.

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