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EU-minister Hans Dahlgren

Conference on the Rule of Law and the Future of Europe at a Ministerial Meeting

Product for the Council of Europe, E.R.

Ministers will discuss the draft results for the ER on October 21-22. At the summit, the epidemiological situation is expected to be discussed, as well as vaccination and ongoing coordination efforts within the EU to restore free movement and international unity related to vaccine distribution.

Another issue on the ER’s agenda is the implementation of the EU digital agenda and the negotiation of legal action in this area. Rising energy prices will also be discussed in the ER and what effects are expected for citizens and businesses. Finally, the ER is preparing for the ASEM Summit in November, the Eastern Partnership Summit in December and international summits such as COP26 in Glasgow and COP15 on Biodiversity in Kunming.

Principles of the rule of law

The annual legal regulation dialogue will take place from 2014 onwards according to a contract. Based on the second annual report of the European Commission on EU Law Enforcement, published on 20 July 2021.

This report examines the development of four areas; National legal systems, anti-corruption measures, the situation of the press and media and control and balance in the institutional system.

Conference on the Future of Europe

The Slovenian president is expected to report on preparations for the conference on October 22-23, with a focus on the full session of the European Parliament on October 23, with the conference’s working groups preparing for the previous day’s general session. The conference’s digital platform and interim reports will also be addressed.

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EU – UK relations

Ministers will receive a status announcement on EU-UK relations at the General Council meeting. The focus of the talks will be on the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol, which is part of the exit agreement.

In July, the British re-negotiated the protocol. The European Commission has so far rejected one.