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Great Britain Eurovision 2023 |  Pleasure

Great Britain Eurovision 2023 | Pleasure

Following the success of the Ukrainian Kalush band, the country’s president wrote on social media that Ukraine will host the Eurovision Song Contest next year:

“We will do everything for Eurovision participants and one-day host Eurovision participants and guests in Mariupol, Ukraine,” wrote Zelenskyj, while the leading player of the Kalush band – the rapper in the pink cap – Ole Psiuk expressed the same ambitions.

“I firmly believe that next year Ukraine will be happy to host Europe in a new integrated and happy Ukraine,” he told the BBC.

SEK 100 million

Even before the victory, discussions began about who would organize a successful Ukraine victory – and some volunteers had already registered their interest. For example, a few days ago, the bourgeois government of Stockholm offered to take care of the competition. The last time Sweden hosted – in 2016 – the city of Stockholm spent SEK 100 million for the event, says Dagens Nyheter.

A similar offer came from the Spanish public service RTVE. The judges also believe it could be Spain or some other organization called the “Big Five”. The “Big Five” list includes Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain and Italy – the countries that spend the most money on the Eurovision Song Contest and directly qualify for the finals. One suggestion is to let the runner-up, England, host tonight.

– I think the UK host, it will be fair and fun. There are already rumors about Manchester. But of course you believe Kiev, says Anna Charlotte Gunnerson, a music journalist who sits at Sweden’s International Jury for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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TT: Why Manchester?

– From what I understand, the BBC has a new media hub that is fresh and vibrant. It’s all the same – but it’s just rumors.

Historical host

Historically, The Sun has compiled the fact that Great Britain is the most-four-time winner nation has advanced as a savior in times of need, when it did not want or could not arrange a final next year.

It has happened six times before that anyone other than the winning country will host Eurovision next year. The last time this happened was after Israel’s victory in 1979 with the song “Jerusalem”. Israel refused to mention the cost, after which the Netherlands hosted the final in the Hague in 1980.

Since then, the winning nations have organized the following year, with Ireland winning and hosting the Eurovision Song Contest four times in five years in the mid – 1990s.