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Complete uproar in the Sami Parliament – the party left the building

Complete uproar in the Sami Parliament – the party left the building

It is a historic week in the Sámi Parliament on the Norwegian side when the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report on how the Sámi have been treated in Norway throughout history is debated.

But there is little sign of reconciliation, and it is even more conflict-ridden than it has been for a long time. The second largest party is Nordkalottfolket Indeed last Tuesday He chose to leave the public room to continue the discussion in the nearby meeting room.

The background to the decision is an investigation that the Plenum leadership wanted to initiate into the Sámi Parliament's voter register and which the Nordkalot people had asked the local court to stop.

But the situation Ruling in favor of the High Parliament The people of Nordkalot now tried to raise a motion of no confidence in the administration of the entire plenum, but it was not heard.

– When we cannot go ahead with a vote of no confidence, we have no choice but to present our own proposals, says Toril Bakken Kaffin from Nordkalottfolket to NRK Sápmi.

Refuse to sit in discussions

After leaving the hall, the party refuses to sit during the discussions and only enters to present its own proposals or to vote.

This has received significant criticism from several quarters.

This is their way of practicing politics, causing chaos, and spreading false information. “I hope people will see that this is not democracy,” says Piasca Nilas of the Situation Party (NSR).

Respond to criticism

The Full Department considered whether there had been improper conduct in relation to the internal rules of the Sami Parliament.

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– I have considered whether it would be inappropriate behavior on the part of representatives not to respond to the responses they receive and not to participate in the discussion in plenary. But I have come to the conclusion that it is up to each person if they want to respond to the responses, says Chairman Tor Gunnar Nystad.

The northern caloot is now eye-catching as well Once again against criticism.

-I have been here regularly since 2005 and there has never been a problem. I sat most of the time in my office and followed the discussion on the live stream as we always do,” says Toril Bakkenkavin.